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Mobile dilemma

May 26, 2007

I am convinced that the greatest force of evil on the planet may be the mobile phone carriers. It just seems that they exist to confuse us, obfuscate truth, and keep us locked into onerous contracts. They make us waste endless time trying to parse the details of their plans and when we finally do they change it all again.

There is a good reason they are among the largest advertisers in the US. They keep our brains filled with their ads and they stoke our base desires.

And, I plunge into the relationship willingly and somehow welcome the abuse.

Can you hear me now?


Scaling down BBQ expectations

May 25, 2007

Advertising had clearly convinced me that I needed a big and powerful grill to get through the summer. I have a gas grill that is about 10 yrs old and does not really function very well anymore, so I was convinced I had to go spend $300 or more on a new one.

You see, it would be for all those steaks and chickens and sausage and pork loins I will be cooking outside this summer.

Whoops, we don’t really cook any of those things unless we are having guests. My family pretty much only eats seafood at home, with the occasional hot dog for the daughter.

I had clearly bought into the American male advertising created myth of big grills and hot meat.

Thankfully have come to my senses. First choice will be to clean up the old grill and see if I can just use it with charcoal. If that doesn’t work, then go buy a $50 charcoal grill.

Yep, I have beaten the advertisers at their own game. I am safe until I need a new big screen TV.


Clicking to the Oldies

February 26, 2007

At my previous employer I once suggested to a senior executive that the company should form a team (which I wanted to head) to target the 50+ age group specifically to move technology from “tool” to “essential” in their lives. His response was “why”? He meant “no”.

 If you are not following the 50+ Marketing trend (The 50Plus Market is a good place to start; the 50+ Digitalagency looks interesting also) then it is time to open your eyes to one of the biggest waves coming (and get in ahead of the crowd). The boomers and post-boomers graying around us are spending more and more time online; it is not just the MySpace crowd that is going to define the future. There are vast sums of money to be spent by this generation and far too much online activity seems to forget they even exist.

I have been thinking about this opportunity for some time and am slowly deriving my own set of rules and priorities. Here are two that seem solid in my mind so far:

  • The 50+ market watches online youth-focused trends (e.g., MySpace) with more interest than we believe.
  • The 50+ market is eager to have something to call their own.

I will drill into these a bit more in my next post.


No Super Bowl ad comments

February 4, 2007

Since the Super Bowl commercials will be analyzed endlessly online, I shall forgo any comments at all.

But, I was mildly disappointed at the endless series of promos for the various CBS shows (CSI, CSI:Las Vegas, CSI: Miami, CSI: Spokane, Criminal Minds, etc.). We are not big TV watchers in our house and except for the Food Network on some Sunday afternoons we never have the TV just playing in the background. Our 4 year old daughter is restricted to one show in the evening, usually Dora or Little Einsteins, or part of a movie like Mary Poppins (she just love Mary Poppins, go figure). However, for something like the Super Bowl we all enjoying watching and she is welcome to be in the room. It is a special treat for her to see something unusual. She was totally fascinated with the opening spectacle with the beautiful colors and balloons and music. But, then she was confused and clearly a bit frightened by those CBS promo spots.

I think CBS should be a more sensitive to the type of audience that the Super Bowl attracts. It is not just guys enjoying the game; it is families enjoying something on a Sunday afternoon that happens once a year. It is children like my daughter that want to hang out with their parents for a while. Must they see explosions and guns and fast cut shots of scary looking criminals? My vote is no.


No time left

January 27, 2007

I had meant to post a week ago about the season premiere of 24. Not to discuss the content of the show (which was mighty fine) but to discuss the marketing tactic they used during it. The premiere is always two nights of two hour episodes — essentially the first four hours of the season. These shows lay the entire foundation for the rest of the season, so watching them is pretty important to becoming engaged with the series.

During the final two hours of the show FOX started advertising that a DVD with the four hour premiere episodes (which we were watching) would be available the next day for $9.99 (if memory serves).

We have gotten used to TV shows appearing online as soon as they air, sometimes even before they air. What makes this so clever is the way it reaches out to the very large part of the population that is not watching video on their computer. They may have missed the show and want a chance to catch-up before the following week. FOX is reaching out to every segment to get them engaged.

It is all about reaching beyond online. We are becoming a bit obsessed with everything online.


First in the pool

February 6, 2006

Some interesting comments on the whole Super Bowl ad phenomenon here.

Strange site dedicated to the Hummer ad here.

Burger King was just a disappointment to me.


Yes, I laughed out loud.

November 30, 2005

Wait for the punch line in this video.

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Who can you trust?

November 26, 2005

My wife and I met online. This recent story about dating sites that might be deceiving members with fake profiles and emails is a bit depressing. It is difficult enough to find someone online and now people have to worry that the cute profile they winked at last night might be simply a marketing trick.

Seeding a service such as this with fake ads is not the most creative marketing in the universe. If you have visited some of the more risque “dating” sites (and who hasn’t visited them?) and seen the pictures of “members” used in the on-site ads you know a bit of deception is going on. This is just part of the illusion that the world online is populated with the kind of person you could never meet offline. This type of marketing appeals to the insecurity and the vanity (if I DO meet this person, perhaps they WILL find me attractive) within us all.

I mentioned at the opening that my wife and I met online. It was as good an experience for me (and hopefully for her) as I can imagine. Of course, it was almost five years ago (five years in January, specifically) that we met. Even in that short time the dynamic of all of these sites has changed considerably — everything appears far more commercial and the people seem far more jaded. I recently took a detailed stroll through some of the sites I used back then. It felt as if I had gone from Disneyland to Disney World. Interestingly, however, some of the same profiles I remember from five years ago are still there. Same pictures (don’t these people age?) as well. They must have just forgotten to update the profile or perhaps long ago met the right person and forgot to take the profile down. Then again, the profile says they visited within the last week. Maybe this deceptive marketing has been going on longer than everyone thinks.


Top 5

November 9, 2005

Top 5 Types of Interesting People:

5. Crispin Porter + Bogusky People
4. Cingular Customer Service People
3. Starbucks Baristas w/o Names
2. Celebrity Chefs
1. People that read my blog

Some follow-ups:
Cingular and I have come to a better place. Amazingly enough, it was the work of one dedicated account rep that took care of it all. Of course, since I was threatening to go to the person that did the purchasing for one of the largest accounts and complain I am not that surprised.

“12 Songs” (Neil Diamond)
12 Songs is very good. Not cheerful, but very good.

I did manage to lose some of that weight. I did not cut back on the drinking. Or the eating. Perhaps it is all in my head.

I love my new tattoo. Wish I could show it off.

Burger King playing football is not working for me. But, still love those smart folks at CP+B.

Variety is the spice of life.

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Marketing wisdom

April 22, 2005

Having so little time lately, and when I have some spare time I devote to my family, I present some interesting reading. Perhaps I will comment on it in the future:




Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed by the amount of informaiton that is pushed into our head on a daily basis. It is difficult enough just keeping the days of the week straight, nonetheless having to worry about the Pope, the President, the Food Pyramids, and the fact that Paula claims not to be drunnk.

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