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There and there

February 10, 2007

The new photo on the header is one I took in Japan a couple of years ago. It is just a scene in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. I snapped it as I was waiting to cross the street. Things are so orderly and clean in Tokyo and the flow of pedestrian traffic is pretty predictable. That guy just seemed of another world.

The other “there” is the beginning of a new project online. I have always wanted to open a bar and have a vast love (and some knowledge) of the world of bar beverages. Since I am not going to be able to open a bar anytime soon I have decided to set-up my own little corner of the blogosphere (still hate that word) to dish out wisdom, wit, and share stories and lies. Please visit The Saucy Elf and let me know what you think. I hope to have it rolling full-steam ahead in the next month or so. I suspect this site might suffer a bit in the process.



December 13, 2004

Traffic is on the rise…

Thanks to the mentions by Harry Pierson, my traffic has been soaring over the past few days. Nice to see so many people come by, though I wish more of them would stay and read.

Of course, the content of any blog is what keeps the audience. I realize that my content is sometimes a little out in left field for the audience seeking guidance on architecture or insight into how Microsoft is going to approach the architect audience. However, I do like to believe that there is some other redeeming value found here.

Thanks for someone commenting on my Scotch Whisky entry. I remember when I first started drinking whisky — and I was of legal age — and thinking that it was not the “easiest” to drink beverage. That was with a blended Scotch as well, something far more palatable to many than a single malt. With time, and a wee bit of trial, I learned how to appreciate whisky in much the same way I learned how to appreciate wine. It takes time for the tongue to learn to distinguish amongst all the flavors and to realize that the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts. Drinking, or eating, is really a sequence of compose/decompose exercises on the tongue. We enjoy the whole, then seek out the individual elements, then bring them all back together again.

Sounds like programming as well, the compose/decompose cycle. Perhaps that is why I have found some of my best programmer friends also have the best wine palates.


Whisky listy

December 12, 2004

–Scotch Whisky–

My wife and I were sitting on the couch last evening. Having just come back from the UK, I was still filled with the excitment of acquiring some new Whisky. She suggested we take inventory of what I have, and then she suggested I post it on my blog.

Now, if you know me and want a taste of something, let’s make an evening of it! I am also always open to suggestions.

Scotch Whisky — single malt, to be specific — has enjoyed a tremendous market surge in the past decade. Part of this is due to inevitable backlash against the vodka popularity and all the fancy vodka drinks. Part of this is due to a generation growing older and looking for something more “sophisticated” to drink. Both have driven the Scotch Whisky companies to new heights of success and multiple new and interesting releases. So, this is a marketing entry after all.

Herein the inventory, with the offhand comments I made and my wife captured (and insisted I publish):

The Glenlivet 18 yrs
The Glenlivet 12 yrs French Oak Finish
The Dalmore 12 yrs
Oban 1980 double matured
Springbank 10 yrs (not as good as the 21)
Glenkinchie 1986 (d’lish)
Lagavulin 16 yrs (what more could you ask for?)
Glenmorangie maderia wood finish
Glenmorangie sherry wood finish
Glenmorangie port wood finish
Glenfiddich Solera Reserve
Ardbeg 10 yrs
Bowmore 12 yrs (still unopened)
Isle of Jura Supersition
Highland Park 18 yrs (all around one of the best Scotches in the world)
The Macallan Elegancia 1992 (kissed with love)
The Macallan 12 yrs (the classic)
Glengoyne 21 yrs
Laphroaig 10 yrs (separates the men from the boys)
Suntory “Yamazaki” 12 yrs (from Japan)