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Chip Kidd

September 7, 2008

Although I said I closed this blog, I decided I lied.

My wife went to Bumbershoot last weekend and really did me a big loving favor. Although she does not have the same level of worship of Chip Kidd that I do, she went to meet him and hear him speak. I got an autographed copy of The Learners out of it and she reported that he was funny and quirky and worth spending the time.

Thanks Jen!

If you have never really thought about the art of the book cover, take a few minutes the next time you are in a bookstore and just soak up the images around you. Every book is trying to entice you to pick it up and once you do the cover has to convey enough information to make you open it, perhaps covet it, certainly buy it.  The magic of that is why Chip Kidd (and other designers) really excite me. It is marketing in a micro-second with a single image.


The power of the image

February 3, 2006

Check out your bookshelves or the display at the local book store. What do you see? What do you really see? How does it all make you feel.

The design of books might not be the most mainstream of topics, but it provides some real insight into marketing and culture. It is also one of the most fascinating segments of design. Books can be their own self-contained universe, and the design of a book (which goes beyond just the cover) can do so much to make that universe feel complete, project good or bad or neutral, and simply speak to the potential reader.

The most important person in contemporary book design, perhaps in book design in the entire 20th century, is Chip Kidd. If you are not familiar with the name you are highly likely to be very familiar with his work. It is so pervasive that it would be hard to own any reasonable number of books without his work appearing amongst them.

I have been an admirer of Chip for many years. He is also a noted Batman collector and has written extensively about Batman and been involved in the comic/graphic novel world as well.

I recently acquired the collection of his work:

“Chip Kidd: Book One : Work: 1986-2006 (Chip Kidd)” (Chip Kidd)

You should check it out.