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The King Continues to Rule

August 7, 2009

I am endlessly fascinated by the creativity and reach of the good folks at Burger King. Take a look at their latest here.

Endless kudos go to their marketing team as well as their agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, for taking risks and finding new ways to promote the company. Sometimes the link between the vehicle (as here, the inside of a sweaty soccer player’s jersey) and a tasty burger is tenuous. But, the image of the King is always familiar, even if jarring.

I think they are fearless and demonstrate that good marketing sometimes means taking risks and sometimes means failing.


Go have that Whopper

February 8, 2006

Low fat diet does not cut health risks.

Of course, watching calories is always a good thing. Skip the chicken strips as an appetizer (or “appeteaser” as crappy chain restaurants sometimes call them).


First in the pool

February 6, 2006

Some interesting comments on the whole Super Bowl ad phenomenon here.

Strange site dedicated to the Hummer ad here.

Burger King was just a disappointment to me.


More Burger King goodness

November 22, 2005


You can find the actual video at

Click on the “Webcam Strip” box on the home page. It is “user” produced, not by the agency. Makes it all the more enjoyable.

Since the most popular search term that brings people to this little blog is “burger king”, I feel an ongoing obligation to share.

I need a King mask…

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Top 5

November 9, 2005

Top 5 Types of Interesting People:

5. Crispin Porter + Bogusky People
4. Cingular Customer Service People
3. Starbucks Baristas w/o Names
2. Celebrity Chefs
1. People that read my blog

Some follow-ups:
Cingular and I have come to a better place. Amazingly enough, it was the work of one dedicated account rep that took care of it all. Of course, since I was threatening to go to the person that did the purchasing for one of the largest accounts and complain I am not that surprised.

“12 Songs” (Neil Diamond)
12 Songs is very good. Not cheerful, but very good.

I did manage to lose some of that weight. I did not cut back on the drinking. Or the eating. Perhaps it is all in my head.

I love my new tattoo. Wish I could show it off.

Burger King playing football is not working for me. But, still love those smart folks at CP+B.

Variety is the spice of life.

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Oh man

April 19, 2005

New Burger King commercial. New Microsoft campaign. But not a moment of my time to write about them.

Hopefully a little more breathing (and writing) time next week. Until then, I remain a bad blogger.

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