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Measurement makes it real

January 30, 2007

If marketing is dead because we are all marketers, then what is left?

The new definition of marketing has to include measurement. If you can’t measure it then you can’t justify it. There will always be exceptions to this rule, but marketing 2.0 has to start somewhere.

Now that the tools to produce campaigns are everyone and the social networking/user generated content wave can’t be stopped (nor should it), the last bastion of hope for the professional marketer lies in measurement. ROI. Proof that the dollars were well spent.

You can build social networking sites all day long and claim miracle cures for your brand, but if you can’t give me some cold hard facts then it is a waste of time. Viral campaigns are a great example of riding the new wave but insisting that the rigor of traditional measurement remain intact.

Marketers need to put on their measurement caps.