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A Passage to India

September 23, 2011

Tomorrow I head to India for a week, courtesy of my employer [wire] stone and one of our clients. I am pretty excited about the trip but also a little nervous. Even for a fairly experienced traveler like me this is a big trip. And, I needed shots. Felt like it was back to school immunization time getting those shots.

I will be blogging about my trip here and at the [wire] stone Wiretap blog. Over here I will focus on some of the personal aspects and over there some of the interesting work elements. If all that gets too complex I will just cross post and hope for the best.

One of the most exciting things about this trip is that I am traveling with two great colleagues from work. Being able to share our perspectives, work as a team, and have fun during the long journey there and back will make the time fly.

My bag is sitting at home half packed and I have a long list of things left to do before it is ready to fly. The car comes at 6:00 AM tomorrow and I am out tonight celebrating my brother-in-law completing his first year probation as a Seattle Firefighter, which mean minimal sleep. Oh well, all for a good cause.