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The King Continues to Rule

August 7, 2009

I am endlessly fascinated by the creativity and reach of the good folks at Burger King. Take a look at their latest here.

Endless kudos go to their marketing team as well as their agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, for taking risks and finding new ways to promote the company. Sometimes the link between the vehicle (as here, the inside of a sweaty soccer player’s jersey) and a tasty burger is tenuous. But, the image of the King is always familiar, even if jarring.

I think they are fearless and demonstrate that good marketing sometimes means taking risks and sometimes means failing.


The dual(ing) social media household

August 3, 2009

Social media is reshaping our lives in ways great and small. Today is a perfect example of how it has become a new and distinctly different element in our two parent/one child/no grandparents nearby household.

Today is Ignite Seattle, a super (trendy>) event that is filled with great speakers each doing their pitch fast and furious on the big stage. It should be a blast, as I heard was the case at the last one.

Jen recently started getting connected with a larger group of bloggers in the area and they all are going to the event together. I am very excited for her and the chance to get out there. She is an awesome blogger and I am optimistic things like this will encourage her to write even more. Going to something like Ignite with fellow blogger is terrific.

Of course, I would be interested in going as well. We often have these situations where we both want to do something but it is just not in the cards for someone else to watch the kid. We always find the right compromise and everyone feels heard and their wishes respected. We also both want to go to the Seattle Tattoo Expo this weekend and need someone to watch the kid for that as well. We’ll figure it out.

The nice thing about Ignite (and here is the point of this little post) is that I can be there. Well, mostly. There is a live stream, there are endless tweets (#ignitesea), tons of photos, and all sorts of interesting long-form posts that will follow. I don’t feel left out; I feel like we got the best of all worlds thanks to the social media revolution.

Of course, I hear there is no A/C at the event right now and it is hot out. At least I can lie in bed with the fan blowing on me and a cool drink in my hand. Perhaps I got the better deal this time.


Mobile post

August 3, 2009

Well, having made part 1 of the switch to an iPhone, I am now going to try a little blog post. The specifics of having a multipart move from my WinMo device to the iPhone is a story for another time. In the meantime I have the nifty little WordPress app and am giving this a go!

I am really amazed when I see people write massive amounts of content on their mobile device. I find the cognitive load of using the virtual keyboard just big enough that I really don’t feel like my other thoughts are as good as they can be when I am on a physical keyboard. I think I am just too deeply entrenched in my thoughtful writing occuring on the luxury of a big keyboard.

But, I am constantly pushing my boundaries.