Try again please

February 11, 2009

I just completed a phone survey for Bank of America (I am a customer, maybe even a “loyal” one). The primary focus of the survey was about my home equity line. Most of the questions focused on how satisfied I was with the experience of using my line of credit (pretty satisfied) and any problems that I might have had in the recent past (not any).

Clearly BofA is eager to find out how their customers perceive them right now. Since most consumers think of banks as the storefront of the Anti-Christ it is not surprising that they are out doing fine market research. I was honest in my answers.

After she went through the script about my home equity line she threw in a few additional questions. These were really interesting.

  • Rate how I perceive the current housing market
  • Rate how I perceive mortgage brokers
  • Have there been any foreclosures in my neighborhood that I know about in the last 3 months

My answers went from very positive for all the BofA questions to very negative for the perception questions (don’t know of any foreclosures in our area).

I can see the slide deck when this is all done:

BofA customer are very happy with their home equity products, but they are not so happy with the economy. Clearly we need more Federal money so we can afford to make more home equity loans.

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