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Bye bye

January 4, 2008

I have had a real love/hate relationship with this blog over the years. It requires a level of thoughtfulness and diligence that I am not always able to deliver. In fact, it is sometimes just a burden.

The fundamental problem I have with this blog is that I just don’t like spending my non-working hours writing about the issues and problems I deal with during my working hours. I love being a marketing person, but I need time to not be a marketing person and not focus my thinking on it. Although this blog does give me a lot of freedom I believe that the basic premise of ThinkTone has always been marketing.

When I do spend time writing outside my job I want to be able to explore my other passions. For a while I have been doing that on my other blog, The Saucy Elf. I have decided to spend my (very little) blogging time working on that and using it to further my discussions with the rest of the online world.

So, thanks for reading this blog. You can find me at The Saucy Elf in the future.