Scaling down BBQ expectations

May 25, 2007

Advertising had clearly convinced me that I needed a big and powerful grill to get through the summer. I have a gas grill that is about 10 yrs old and does not really function very well anymore, so I was convinced I had to go spend $300 or more on a new one.

You see, it would be for all those steaks and chickens and sausage and pork loins I will be cooking outside this summer.

Whoops, we don’t really cook any of those things unless we are having guests. My family pretty much only eats seafood at home, with the occasional hot dog for the daughter.

I had clearly bought into the American male advertising created myth of big grills and hot meat.

Thankfully have come to my senses. First choice will be to clean up the old grill and see if I can just use it with charcoal. If that doesn’t work, then go buy a $50 charcoal grill.

Yep, I have beaten the advertisers at their own game. I am safe until I need a new big screen TV.

One comment

  1. Don’t give in to the propane status quo.

    I have an $80 Charbroil brand offset smoker that is light enough to take up to the roof of my condo building. Unfortunately, it appears they only sell my model at Walmart now.

    Get some hardwood charcoal, a cedar plank, and your favorite seafood and you’ll be set for a fraction of $300. Spend the extra $200 on fish and steaks!

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