No Super Bowl ad comments

February 4, 2007

Since the Super Bowl commercials will be analyzed endlessly online, I shall forgo any comments at all.

But, I was mildly disappointed at the endless series of promos for the various CBS shows (CSI, CSI:Las Vegas, CSI: Miami, CSI: Spokane, Criminal Minds, etc.). We are not big TV watchers in our house and except for the Food Network on some Sunday afternoons we never have the TV just playing in the background. Our 4 year old daughter is restricted to one show in the evening, usually Dora or Little Einsteins, or part of a movie like Mary Poppins (she just love Mary Poppins, go figure). However, for something like the Super Bowl we all enjoying watching and she is welcome to be in the room. It is a special treat for her to see something unusual. She was totally fascinated with the opening spectacle with the beautiful colors and balloons and music. But, then she was confused and clearly a bit frightened by those CBS promo spots.

I think CBS should be a more sensitive to the type of audience that the Super Bowl attracts. It is not just guys enjoying the game; it is families enjoying something on a Sunday afternoon that happens once a year. It is children like my daughter that want to hang out with their parents for a while. Must they see explosions and guns and fast cut shots of scary looking criminals? My vote is no.

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