No time left

January 27, 2007

I had meant to post a week ago about the season premiere of 24. Not to discuss the content of the show (which was mighty fine) but to discuss the marketing tactic they used during it. The premiere is always two nights of two hour episodes — essentially the first four hours of the season. These shows lay the entire foundation for the rest of the season, so watching them is pretty important to becoming engaged with the series.

During the final two hours of the show FOX started advertising that a DVD with the four hour premiere episodes (which we were watching) would be available the next day for $9.99 (if memory serves).

We have gotten used to TV shows appearing online as soon as they air, sometimes even before they air. What makes this so clever is the way it reaches out to the very large part of the population that is not watching video on their computer. They may have missed the show and want a chance to catch-up before the following week. FOX is reaching out to every segment to get them engaged.

It is all about reaching beyond online. We are becoming a bit obsessed with everything online.

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