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February 26, 2006

My friend Lavinia returned to the world of blogging. She was out looking for windows and that reminded me to add it to the list of home projects that Jen and I created yesterday.

There seems to be an infinite number of things to do in a house, and once done I feel the need to start all over again. Lavinia is building a house, which is a multi-year project. Yesterday as Jen and I were driving up to Snohomish to have a nice morning wandering the antique stores (and going exporing with the little one) I suggested that we buy a piece of land somewhere up north and build a house on it. A project that we could take years doing.

Jen’s response was less than enthusiastic.


Out of the closet

February 25, 2006

My wife, Jen, is no longer an anonymous blogger. She has revealed herself.


Pursue art on a larger scale

February 23, 2006

For those people that have visited my home (yeah, I realize no one visits my home) you know I like my art big. I like it small also, but there is something about large scale art that really excites me.

To that end, I highly endorse this site, BetterWall. Beauty and being a good citizen.

Now, if I could only convince my wife to let me buy something.


Seemingly random, yet all connected

February 21, 2006

For those of you who remember the 70s and 80s because you were there (and taking karate class), I point you to the latest craze, Chuck Norris.

This might be cruel, but it is not insane.


Cool technology

February 16, 2006

Check out Zillow. One of those composite applications that will redefine an industry segment (real estate).

Gloat over the value of your home or cry over the value of your neighbor’s home.



February 9, 2006

Buzz is starting to build over SPARK. Microsoft has put togetherĀ a strategic workshop that brings together very senior architects and thinkers to discuss the things that matter most as the worlds of SOA and Web 2.0 and SaaS all start to collide. It is invite only, so don’t start looking for a place to sign-up. But, the output of SPARK will be presented at a MIX session the next day.

The team at Microsoft is calling this the EDGE. Interesting things are going on around the EDGE (and Microsoft).

FYI — I am the business owner of SPARK, so naturally biased.

I hear that a SPARK blog is coming up real soon.


Go have that Whopper

February 8, 2006

Low fat diet does not cut health risks.

Of course, watching calories is always a good thing. Skip the chicken strips as an appetizer (or “appeteaser” as crappy chain restaurants sometimes call them).