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January 28, 2006

I am planning on taking a break from blogging for a bit of time. Primarily so I can focus on drive an event at work that is all about things like Web 2.0. Basically, in order to ensure that the importance of things like blogging is made clear to the larger market I find myself with no time to blog. Go figure.

Check out MIX as well.

See you again in the future.

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Addicted to your shiny outsides

January 8, 2006

I have to admit that getting through the holiday season and then coming back to work to play catch up is a bit of a drag.

My employer, Microsoft, and Palm (remember them?) introduced a new smartphone this past week, the Treo 700w. This had been announced previously as the first time the good folks at Palm would ship a Treo device with something other than the Palm OS. It started shipping on Tuesday.

I had to wait until Friday to get mine.

I love my mobile devices. They are my sweet little precious crack. Now my new precious is nestled gently in my hand, emitting its silent radio waves and slowly egging on the latent cancer cells in my flesh. My precious.

The device is very cool. The Treo has long been seen as one of the top smartphone devices, in tight competition with the fine folks at RIM with their Blackberry. I was a first generation Blackberry user, long before I ever joined Microsoft, and still remember how my soul would twitch each time I felt its insistent vibration on my hip. Waves of unmodulated pleasure would flow through me as I let myself sink into the thumbwheel.

Anyway, I like my new Treo. Microsoft has upped the bar on the competition by delivering the coolest and most integrated mobile OS with a slick piece of hardware. I feel powerful. Shiny precious thing.

I currently have 5 phones. Not using them all at once, mind you. And two different carriers, Mister Smarty Pants. I have no problem. Do you?

Call me, huh? It feels nice when it rings and vibrates. My electronic collar is fur lined.

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