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December 29, 2005

Blogs have become the touchstone of much of the conversations I have with people. Our discourse, both online and in person, has become driven by the discourse of others.

Why isn’t there a really good solution to accessing blogs on my mobile device? Actually, why is my mobile device still trapped into feeling like a mobile device? Give me an experience that makes me feel empowered, not that makes me feel burdened.

Flat-panel TV prices are dropping fast. That leaves me with a 6 year old 40″ rear projection TV that I can’t even give away. I just keep lowering the price, but no one wants to buy it when they can buy the latest technology for not much more money. Eventually it will just go to charity if no one buys it.

I am replacing one of the TiVo boxes in my house with a DVR from Comcast. Why? TiVo can’t handle high definition TV, and that is just plain silly. So, the experiment begins with one TV and one DVR. This is a major shift for a dedicated TiVo fan like me.

Next year I want a cool new gadget. Not sure what it is, but I want it now.

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  1. Hey Norman – your post was really strange because it had all the key words (touchstone/gadget/rss) for a project I am doing – but it wasn’t exactly on topic hah.

    I agree that a mobile should have a mechanism for reading RSS that is better than a news reader – actually the long-term plan for our project is to have a mobile version that alerts the user to important content.

    You can read more about it at http://www.touchstonegadget.com (see – 2 key words just in the domain!)

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