Messages and truth

November 17, 2005

Sometimes I think that the world around me is trying to send secret signals, hidden messages from on high. If you ever saw the movie L.A. Story you might remember how the traffic sign gave Steve Martin messages. If only things were as clear to me.

Today I felt that something bad was in the air. Couldn’t put my finger on it, but had this strange sense of the time being out of joint. Perhaps I was just brooding.

I know that marketing can send subtle messages to people. That through the careful and proper placement of words and images and sound we can create a feeling inside the recipient. Just think about the commercials that make you cry or feel good (think about those damn marketing people at Coke and Pepsi).

I passed by an article the other day about some research that shows that people that name products prefer names that contain the same letters as their own name. I need to find that article again to determine if I was just imagining it.

All that leads me to a general issue with blogs. Blogs are not permanent. I can go back through the history of this blog and change anything I want. I can edit, I can add or subtract. I can put subtle messages in it. Strange to imagine how I can change my own history to reflect the needs and desires of my present in such a public fashion. In the past the best we could do was lie to ourselves, lie on our resume, have plastic surgery, pay off old friends and enemies (none of which I have done. OK, I have lied to myself). Now I can go back and change my own words and leave it to others to search through or stumble upon the clues I leave to my own existence, to my own state of mind, to my own life.

Have I actually done this to demonstrate this very point? Perhaps. How can you know? Diligent reading, I suppose.

The information age has made everything malleable in new and often disturbing ways.

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