My head is going to fall off

September 27, 2005

I truly believe that we are all asked to do too much in this world and that it is catching up with each of us. It is stalking me like a screeching beast inside my head, behind my eyes, deep into my shoulders and back. I unleash the beast on others as well as bear its burden myself.

Good old fashioned exhaustion is not really fun. It might come after a long trek up a mountain (real or figurative) or it might come from straining and never being able to lift the weight in front of you. In either case, it just takes over the body like a swarm of locust, a fog of apathy.

I am leaving tomorrow for another trip, this time to Rome. I really want to be excited about going, as it is someplace I have never been and is one of the foundations of modern civilization. But, I am just too tired. Perhaps once I am on the plane it will be more exciting and some of the exhaustion will lift. Perhaps not.

Nothing more particularly clever to say. My apologies to readers expecting brilliance or at least entertainment.

At least my iPod nano is coming with me.

And, I spoke to Cingular again today. She promised me the charge has been removed from my bill. Promised!

And, this afternoon (after I had spoken with Cingular) I got an automated collection call from Cingular.

And, there was another past due notice in the mail this evening.

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