Latest Burger King commercial is most incredible yet!

April 1, 2005

I just saw it last night and am really stunned. I watched it over and again (thanks TiVo!) and am trying to get the full impact of it. Can’t find it online yet, so here is my best to describe it.

The commercial opens on what appears to be a library, but one where the books have been replaced by cows. There is some eerie zither music playing in the background. A slow tracking shot shows a well dressed man walking in. Behind the glasses you don’t first recognize him, but then realize it is Elton John. The cows are mooing. Elton walks up to one of them, sticks his hand down the throat, and pulls out what looks like a giant hamburger patty. The cow winks.

Fast change shot to another section of the library and there are pigs on the shelves. This time Madonna, dressed in the trashiest outfit you can get away with on commercial tv, comes in and reaches down a pigs mouth and grabs a whole handful of bacon. Pig grins.

Music starts to come up. Madonna and Elton are hugging, practically making out, and there are little red cartoon hearts over them and that creepy King guy is in the background holding this massive sandwich out to the camera. The voice over says something like “Cows and pigs can get along. The new Whopper Deluxe with Bacon.”

I guess the message is that Elton and Madonna are a cow and a pig too?

What will they do next?

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One comment

  1. Well i can only shed light on the cow / pig thing. Sometime back Elton called Madonna a “cow” and then she called him a “pig”. So I guess they made up and are going to eat BIG FATTENING BK food…?? the whole thing boggles the mind. Those “breakfast” sandwiches have 42 grams of fat and over a 1,000 cals…YIKES.

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