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Marketing wisdom

April 22, 2005

Having so little time lately, and when I have some spare time I devote to my family, I present some interesting reading. Perhaps I will comment on it in the future:




Sometimes we all feel overwhelmed by the amount of informaiton that is pushed into our head on a daily basis. It is difficult enough just keeping the days of the week straight, nonetheless having to worry about the Pope, the President, the Food Pyramids, and the fact that Paula claims not to be drunnk.

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Oh man

April 19, 2005

New Burger King commercial. New Microsoft campaign. But not a moment of my time to write about them.

Hopefully a little more breathing (and writing) time next week. Until then, I remain a bad blogger.

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April 13, 2005

For someone of my age, who works in a very demanding job, has a wife and 2 yr old child, and tries to get some time to myself, making friends is not easy.

It seems that the modern workplace has developed into a substitute for the friendships we all used to have outside the workplace. We are able to bond with our co-workers, but only so far. On occasion, however, we can push those boundaries and develop a real sincere friendship with another. Even then, however, the impact of a work friendship on others has to be carefully considered. Sometimes we are all boxed in by a world in which having real friends is seen as a distraction.

Friends are important. As much as we all get from our family and our work, we still need more. We need someone with whom to just chat , someone for sharing secrets, someone with whom to discuss the relative strengths of Godzilla v. Mothra. Simple things that help ground us in the larger social fabric and remind us of the essential truth that no one lives alone.

I am fortunate that I have made new friends as time passes (and as some friends fade into history). Some of these people became fast friends because there was some immediate connection. Others have taken time, but eventually became someone important in my life. All of these people bring something unique to how I view the world.

When I am feeling down I sometimes tell my wife that “I have no friends.” She then rattles off a list of the friends I have and I am forced to acknowledge the truth. The truth is I am very fortunate and become more fortunate every day.

So, if you are my friend, thank you.

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Congress may extend daylight savings time

April 7, 2005

Yes, Congress is considering this in order to save energy. Given the high cost of oil right now, saving makes a lot of sense.

Of course, statements such as “The more daylight we have, the less electricity we use,” said [Rep Ed] Markey could be misunderstood by some members of the voting public.

“Well, dang it, why don’t they just make it daylight all the time” said Robert T. Grimley, Jr. “I think Congress is right on track when it comes to controlling the sun and the moon. Let’s just send all that darkness over to Iraq or North Korea –that will teach them a lesson.”

Congress is also considering:

* Making a pound of flesh equal 3/4 of a pound. This will address the horrid obesity problem we have in this country.
* Moving tax filing day to January 3. This way they get the money sooner, helping to alleviate the debt and pay for future social security.
* Not permitting people to be older than 64. Post-64 individuals will be reclassified as “American Seniors” as part of the “Leave No Senior Behind” bill. Likewise, social security does not kick in until age 67.
* Claiming all of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans as the 51st state.

More news to come as we change the atom to use stars and stripes instead of neutrons and electrons.

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Happy Monday, fellow liberals!

April 4, 2005

Al Gore launches new TV network, “Current” to debut this August. Google tie-in announced as well.

Liberals rejoice and proclaim “Al invented the internet and now we are taking it back!”

I feel complete.

And, make note of any entry posted on this blog on April 1 might not be 100% true. Not even a little.

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Latest Burger King commercial is most incredible yet!

April 1, 2005

I just saw it last night and am really stunned. I watched it over and again (thanks TiVo!) and am trying to get the full impact of it. Can’t find it online yet, so here is my best to describe it.

The commercial opens on what appears to be a library, but one where the books have been replaced by cows. There is some eerie zither music playing in the background. A slow tracking shot shows a well dressed man walking in. Behind the glasses you don’t first recognize him, but then realize it is Elton John. The cows are mooing. Elton walks up to one of them, sticks his hand down the throat, and pulls out what looks like a giant hamburger patty. The cow winks.

Fast change shot to another section of the library and there are pigs on the shelves. This time Madonna, dressed in the trashiest outfit you can get away with on commercial tv, comes in and reaches down a pigs mouth and grabs a whole handful of bacon. Pig grins.

Music starts to come up. Madonna and Elton are hugging, practically making out, and there are little red cartoon hearts over them and that creepy King guy is in the background holding this massive sandwich out to the camera. The voice over says something like “Cows and pigs can get along. The new Whopper Deluxe with Bacon.”

I guess the message is that Elton and Madonna are a cow and a pig too?

What will they do next?

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