Tricks of the mind

March 25, 2005

This blog is an interesting place for me to say what is on my mind without ever really saying what is on my mind. It is an illusion of sorts, a way for me to paint a picture that addresses things I think are important, but also excludes things others might think important.

Anyway, it has been a very tiring week. I left on Sunday for the east coast and got back Wednesday evening. Now it is Friday and I leave on Sunday morning for the east coast again. Back on Tue evening. That is the type of schedule that is very tiring. Since I end up spending almost as much time on an airplane as I do actually working at my destination, it feels like there is not a lot of down time at all. I need my “me” time.

Next week I am headed to Boston and Connecticut. I plan on having pizza in Connecticut if I can — some of the best pizza in the country there. Thanks to my buddy J for passing on the names of the top rated places.

I hope to take a little time off for myself the week after next (or the week following). My wife is traveling the week after next so I will be alone with our daughter in the evening. That is a lot of fun, but is also tiring.

Is this boring? It is boring me.

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