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March 4, 2005

Are blogs already old news, as was mentioned to me today? To the technocentric that might be true, but to the average person it is as far from reality as can be. Blogs may have made it to Time magazine, but they are really just beginning to gain the understanding and acceptance among the general population that the Internet itself experienced in the late 90s. Remember those years?

So, in a meeting today with Tanya and a very special friend, wherein we admired the little toys the special friend brought for us to fondle, we encouraged her (heck, we’ll call her J so she can be paranoid and think her friends know who she is) to start blogging. She is pretty adamantly opposed to this, saying that she doesn’t want people to know all those personal details about her. I can absolutely relate to that. It is a real test of faith in my own self to write these entries and put myself out there. I know it is true for many of us — we take a leap of faith and expose ourselves to the masses through this medium. We might be rejected, mocked, stalked, or we might find new friends, learn new things, and find our own voice in the online wilderness. In either case, it requires a step that not all might wish to take. I deeply respect that reticence.

Anyway, in chatting with J, as she displayed her very attractive wares (at least one of which I took home to my wife — we’ll see what she thinks of it!) I came to realize how much of myself I truly keep private, blog notwithstanding. Everything I say, at some level, paints a particular picture of me, the picture I want to present to the world. This is much like any situation in which we show ourselves to others. We want to find the best light in which to show our features. It is truly the daring, or the insane, that hold back nothing and display themselves in all their flawed glory.

Humans are flawed, and that is part of the pleasure of our lives. We stumble and fall and pick ourselves up again. Others may not understand us, but they also have their own secrets, their own passions, their own pain. There is a noble beauty in our flaws (“What a piece of work is man…”). We can revel in the stately progression of our lives and loves across time and know that we must take the maximum from each moment.

Where is all this taking me? I have no idea. I think each of us can choose to reveal ourselves in different ways at different times. If blogging is not your thing, then blogging is not your thing. Find a way to express yourself and go there. No fuss necessary.

Now, since I have thrown my goods onto the electronic stage, I do know that many facts about my life are out there for the taking. But, so many are not. So many interesting things that we don’t see online.

I worked as a short order cook in high school and college. I can break and make eggs faster than most people can open the fridge. I spent years working at a long-gone restaurant chain called “Wags” (it was owned by Walgreen’s, you can get the connection). I started as a dishwasher, then became a cook, and then was “assistant manager” by the time I was 17. Sure beat working at Mickey D’s. I worked the night shift during the summer — 11 to 7 — and loved it. It was a strange time for an adolescent boy. The mascot for the chain was a Racoon named “Waggles.” I never had to wear the costume.

About the time I had just started working there, an older boy across the street from my house — whom I did not really know — also worked for the same chain, but at a different location. One day the ambulance came and we found out he had killed himself.

In college I had one roommate who was just a stick in the mud. I had another who was an American of Indian extraction and practically obsessive compulsive (he dropped out due to the pressure) and had another who was a wonderfully cool Turk. The Turk, Hakan, was best man at my wedding (not the wedding to my current wife, however.). I liked the Turks a lot, and when you became friends with one you became friend with them all.

Living in Houston when I was in graduate school made me realize that Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex food are the king and queen of their respective food genres. Goode Company BBQ was as good as it gets.

My favorite film is Lawrence of Arabia. My second favorite is probably The Godfather.

I once dated a witch who went on to date a woman after me. She was a little crazy. Aren’t we all?

When I lived in Half Moon Bay, CA, Thomas Dolby lived around the corner. He rode around town on his bicycle with his beret on. How quaint is that?

My wife and I have 6 tattoos between us, and 7 ( I think) piercings. Neither of us has less than 2 of each. Go figure.

My daughter has the most perfect laugh in the world.

Now, lots of new facts about me exist on the Internet. Enjoy.

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