Burger King spawns a new fever dream

March 1, 2005

If you haven’t seen the new commercial for Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken sandwich, I can’t help you much (still looking for a free online version).

If you have seen it, from Darius Rucker (Hootie) singing in a cowboy hat, milkmaids, blocks of cheddar cheese, and assorted other oddities in a ditty based on “Big Rock Candy Mountain”, then you are in a new found state of BK ecstasy.

My wife absolutely hates this commercial. She thinks it is sexist and ruins a beautiful song and is sexist and is demeaning to women. She is probably right on all those things, but I just love this commercial.

It lodges in the back of your throat like too many Whopper’s after a night of drinking cheap beer. It is the memory of a greasy Burger King in a town outside of nowhere, in the middle of a road trip, with no toilet paper in the bathroom and all you have is the wrapper from your Croissant Sandwich. It is hallucinatory, allegorical, and absolutely impeccable in its abuse of every worn out commercial trope.

In short, brilliant.

Gotta go get me a Cheddar Bacon Ranch Chicken. And some bricks of golden cheddar cheese.

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One comment

  1. I hate this commercial and I am boycotting BK because of it. Seems like a poor idea to piss off 51% of the population when you want to make money seeling to the population…..

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