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February 18, 2005

The official lunch blog OR how I learned to stop worrying and let other people pay

Now, I am not naming names, but seems that everyone wants their fair mention in the blog after having lunch with me. I know that I am entertaining and my lunch choices are usually very fabu, but who would have imagined I would become the seen/be seen column of high-tech.

So, seen recently at lunch were two high-powered publishing people in my company. Needless to say, they made me look a whole lot better than I would have looked on my own. Secrets were shared and someone ordered the Gorgonzola Fries. Yes, whispered discussions ensued and some real hand-washing occurred.

I am no gossip, but I think the whole place was waiting for another celeb to come in and join our table. Alas, Mr. Gates couldn’t make it to see his supposed cousin.



February 15, 2005

Knee deep in trying to get some presentations complete.

Lots of material has been written about the good and bad (mostly bad) of PowerPoint. Try this or this (Harry just sent it over) for some perspective on the problem.

I could write a lot and say very little. I have struggled for years to make PowerPoint work for me as well as demonstrate to others the good and the bad of it. Sometimes, however, I just shake my head and want to give up. Why?

Well, it has dawned on me that PowerPoint falls in the same classification as marketing. Namely, everyone thinks that they can do it. Everyone thinks that the ability to judge quality is sufficient to be able to create quality. Nobody wants to admit that presenting means PRESENTING, not just reading slides. Slideware is no substitute for being a good presenter.

I could go on and on about this. The bottom line is that it frustrates me. I work at a company where PowePoint is used in place of Word to create documents for people to read. I think this is a losing battle for me.

So, back to my presentation. Perhaps I really need some more spinning stars and dancing dogs to make my point.



February 8, 2005

We are all time. We are all the time. We are all in time. We are out of time.




February 8, 2005

Some random thoughts from a few days in San Francisco.

I am here for the VSLive conference and really enjoying the overall experience. It is amazing to see so many developers deeply engaged with the latest Microsoft technologies and a real passion for advancing the state of the software art. Always a thrill for me as a marketing person to feel the energy of people excited about our products. Eric Rudder and Ari Bixhorn did an awesome job introducing and demoing Indigo today. People were excited about the potential this next generation of technology offers.

Had lunch today with some smart people, but was subject to the unforgivable pun while dining at the lovely Restaurant LuLu of “excuse me, I need to go use the LuLu Loo”. I told Jeff I would call it out here and I have. He is not yet excused for sinking so low.

Check out this most interesting site from the brilliant people at Levenger. (Their link appears to be faulty — I have tried to find a cleaner link, but to no avail. Go to and protest poor web design.)



February 6, 2005

Are you watching? Are the ads sticking? Are you sick to your stomach?

I really found the whole Brad Pitt ad to be quite good. He is very natural, very cool, and the theme resonates with those of us endlessly chased by fans and paparazzi.

Check out AdJab, the newest blog on advertising, which does a run down on the commercials. They didn’t care that much for the CareerBuilder monkey, but I got a good laugh out of it.

I wonder what is on after Super Bowl? Nothing of note. Ahh, the tyranny of event TV.



February 2, 2005

Another interesting advertisment (from which I make no money, nor would Gandhi necessarily want me to make money, unlike Telecom Italia which wants to make its own money).

Telecom Italia S.P.A — Gandhi

(created by Y&R Italia)

I am not sure if Gandhi is in the public domain or not. Interesting question –perhaps a subsequent ad showing the rebuttal of Gandhi by Hitler? Where can this lead?



February 2, 2005

Would you like fries with these opinions? Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love money.

Careful observers might notice the presence of advertisements along the side of this blog. Thoughtful observers will hopefully click on those ads, thereby generating money for me.

So, you must be asking “why?” Have I sold out to the man? Am I nothing but a capitalist pig?

No, not sold out. Yes, am a capitalist. Might be a pig.

The words in this blog are mine (see this article for an interesting discussion on this topic) and I enjoy writing them and hope you enjoying reading them. However, they take time and effort on my part, and if someone would like to make a click on an interesting ad that appears on the blog, I am fine with that.

This blog often talks about marketing and advertising. Sometimes in a critical fashion, but always with the perpsective that marketing and advertising are critical elements of a robust capitalist economy. In my mind being part of that economy means being compensated in some way for my creativity (thanks to Mark McNeely for this great phrase/concept).

I also consider this an experiment of sorts. How does the advertising impact, if at all, the perceptions of this blog? Will it actually generate any revenue at all? Give the ads a click and let me know.

Perhaps I am a capitalist pig, but exactly what is wrong with that? At least I am not a fairy-land, open source, share IP like it is ganja, bozo.