Some observations from my week

February 25, 2005
  • Always dine with people who are smarter and better looking. This way you look better through association and learn something (hopefully) as well.
  • Don’t trust that the garbage men will actually take your trash if it does not meet your expectations, and remember the power they have to make your life very unpleasant.
  • Many companies strictly limit the web domains that employees can visit (not my own company) and that may include such nasty sites as msn.com.
  • All the people on the planet don’t know nor care about RSS. However, the people that matter to technology marketers do.
  • Unlike many frozen proteins, shrimp can be defrosted quickly in running water with a minimal amount of impact on flavor or texture.
  • Blogging is no substitute for discussion, nor the final truth.

JR — Who is atlas?

One comment

  1. Ocean scallops can be defrosted the same way… taste great, less filling (grin).

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