Prepare yourself for a bevy of blogs.

February 22, 2005

The groundswell behind blogging seems to be growing out of control. This is mostly a good thing, but as with all mass movements there are always some potential downsides. Here are a couple, with more to come.

1) Too many blogs about the same thing.
I read a ton of blogs about gadgets and technology (and want to start my own) but the differences among them are growing slimmer each day. The best content comes from a unique POV with something interesting to say. I am concerned that we are being overrun.

2) The endless incestuous relationships among blogs.
I know that the essence of blogs is being able to connect to other items of interest online, and I do it myself, but I am concerned when I see blogs that have lots of comments from the same people, link back to the same people, and are linked to by the same people. Over and over again. Finding new readers is tough, I realize, but essential.

I am potentially victim to at least one of the above. I should do something about that.

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