Not more TV, but better TV! Harry writes about Ti…

February 21, 2005

Not more TV, but better TV!

Harry writes about TiVo and 24 in his latest entry. Evidently Tanya claims people with TiVo watch more TV than before they had the device. (Tanya is obviously looking for reasons to justify not blogging more often.)

I have heard this argument before and don’t think there is a reasonable answer to it. I believe that in my house we watch less TV as a result of TiVo, since we can just watch what we want when we want it instead of flipping endlessly waiting for something good to come on. I think of TiVo a great timesaver.

At this point, since we have two TiVo’s in our house, we are saving so much time we hardly watch TV at all. Let’s see it is really just Alias, American Idol, 24, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, Joey, Will & Grace, Scrubs, ER, Sesame Street, and whatever Food Network shows are on at any given moment. No, we don’t watch that much at all. Really, before TiVo we watch a lot of crap.

I was having dinner a few weeks ago with an old friend who was part of the founding team at TiVo and holds several patents for some of the things we take for granted in TiVo. He was telling about the experience he had trying to get the engineers to build the FF/Play combo correctly so that it “jumps back” in time when you hit the Play button during FF. This jump back allows you to start from the beginning of what you want to see, not miss the first few seconds. It seems that the engineers were very opposed to this — they wanted the Play to start from exactly where the button was pushed. My friend explained that the reaction time of people was such that they would always miss a few seconds at the beginning of what they wanted to see. The engineers claimed that people would just learn to hit the button sooner. Need I say more?

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  1. That jump back feature is the one missing feature from the MSTV based system I’m using.


  2. I TOTALLY watch more TV than I did before I had a Tivo. 🙂


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