February 15, 2005

Knee deep in trying to get some presentations complete.

Lots of material has been written about the good and bad (mostly bad) of PowerPoint. Try this or this (Harry just sent it over) for some perspective on the problem.

I could write a lot and say very little. I have struggled for years to make PowerPoint work for me as well as demonstrate to others the good and the bad of it. Sometimes, however, I just shake my head and want to give up. Why?

Well, it has dawned on me that PowerPoint falls in the same classification as marketing. Namely, everyone thinks that they can do it. Everyone thinks that the ability to judge quality is sufficient to be able to create quality. Nobody wants to admit that presenting means PRESENTING, not just reading slides. Slideware is no substitute for being a good presenter.

I could go on and on about this. The bottom line is that it frustrates me. I work at a company where PowePoint is used in place of Word to create documents for people to read. I think this is a losing battle for me.

So, back to my presentation. Perhaps I really need some more spinning stars and dancing dogs to make my point.

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