February 8, 2005

Some random thoughts from a few days in San Francisco.

I am here for the VSLive conference and really enjoying the overall experience. It is amazing to see so many developers deeply engaged with the latest Microsoft technologies and a real passion for advancing the state of the software art. Always a thrill for me as a marketing person to feel the energy of people excited about our products. Eric Rudder and Ari Bixhorn did an awesome job introducing and demoing Indigo today. People were excited about the potential this next generation of technology offers.

Had lunch today with some smart people, but was subject to the unforgivable pun while dining at the lovely Restaurant LuLu of “excuse me, I need to go use the LuLu Loo”. I told Jeff I would call it out here and I have. He is not yet excused for sinking so low.

Check out this most interesting site from the brilliant people at Levenger. (Their link appears to be faulty — I have tried to find a cleaner link, but to no avail. Go to www.levenger.com and protest poor web design.)


One comment

  1. The Levenger link doesn’t work. Is it the site or the link? (Now I’m curious!)


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