February 2, 2005

Would you like fries with these opinions? Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love money.

Careful observers might notice the presence of advertisements along the side of this blog. Thoughtful observers will hopefully click on those ads, thereby generating money for me.

So, you must be asking “why?” Have I sold out to the man? Am I nothing but a capitalist pig?

No, not sold out. Yes, am a capitalist. Might be a pig.

The words in this blog are mine (see this article for an interesting discussion on this topic) and I enjoy writing them and hope you enjoying reading them. However, they take time and effort on my part, and if someone would like to make a click on an interesting ad that appears on the blog, I am fine with that.

This blog often talks about marketing and advertising. Sometimes in a critical fashion, but always with the perpsective that marketing and advertising are critical elements of a robust capitalist economy. In my mind being part of that economy means being compensated in some way for my creativity (thanks to Mark McNeely for this great phrase/concept).

I also consider this an experiment of sorts. How does the advertising impact, if at all, the perceptions of this blog? Will it actually generate any revenue at all? Give the ads a click and let me know.

Perhaps I am a capitalist pig, but exactly what is wrong with that? At least I am not a fairy-land, open source, share IP like it is ganja, bozo.


One comment

  1. I’m an unashamed, unabashed, unbridled capitalist, but haven’t put advertising on blahgKarma. Mostly because I just haven’t been convinced I’d make anything with it.

    I do embed Amazon Associate links to stuff I mention that they sell. Yet to see the first dollar, so I’ve got that going for me (grin).

    Good luck with it Norman. I’ll be interested to hear how it goes.

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