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Whisky Expo

January 5, 2005

Whiskies of the World Expo 2005

For some reason, and this is not necessarily a bad thing, I get a fair number of visitors to this blog who are searching on the name of a particular Whisky. Given my previous post on the Whiskys in my collection, they get my link and come visit.

I could just turn this into a blog about Whisky (and that is not a half bad idea). Until then, however, I point you to the link above and hope to see you at Whiskies of the World Expo in March.



January 1, 2005

Yahoo! News – Magazine Toasts Unabashed Alcoholism

Find a market, target it, ensure you are either first or best. Marketing at its most fundamental.

Ethics, morality, and just plain common sense? That takes a little more thought and effort.