Apple drive

January 14, 2005

Friday notes on a week gone.

The Apple service is really good. Two days after I reported my hard disk crashing (and I reported it about 8 pm), there was a brand new hard disk on my front steps. That is nice.

However, it appears that either (a) all the data is lost from my disk or (b) I will need to send it to Drive Savers and spend a thousand bucks to have them try and retrieve it. If it were more than data from the last two months which had not been backed up, then the thousand bucks might be worth it. However, in this case I am going to lose the data and move my backup schedule from weekly partial and quarterly full to a daily full (and that requires a new hard drive to essentially serve as the mirror of my primary system). Ah, the joys of data.

I have noticed that many visitors to this site (yes, I am obsessed with site stats) are searching for Macallan Elegancia 1992, a nice whisky I picked up in Heathrow back in December. I guess it has some buzz going and people are looking for more info. It is evidently not available in the US, so it has to be acquired at duty free shops in Europe and Asia.

Well, it is really fine drinking Scotch. Not a lot of peat, nice sweet finish, just what you want when you don’t want anything too demanding. I highly recommend.

Now, of course, two different pages of this blog will come up when people search for Macallan Elegancia 1992.

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