January 12, 2005

A reader poll. Marketing guys want to know…

Sometimes I just can’t stop asking questions. Must be my insatiable desire to understand the why well before I think about the how.

Please let me know why you read this blog. This might be your first time here, or you visit frequently (please, visit frequently). Just leave a comment and tell me why you are here, what you get from it, and what you might want to get from it in the future.

Remember, past laughs are no guarantee of future wit.

Also, my hard disk crashed last night on my primary home system. Yes, it is a Mac. In fact, a 2-month old iMac. Big screen, big drive, big memory, etc.

So, for all my friends that mock me for having a Mac, this is sure to be a pleasant treat.

All I can say is (a) Apple doesn’t make the hard drives, so the 250 gig unit in my Mac is likely the same as in someone else’s PC or external drive; (b) Apple support is awesome and once they determined the problem with me it was no hassle to request service and have them start the process to send me a shipping box so I can return the unit to them; and (c) I think my iMac may just have been jealous over all the hoopla yesterday with the introduction of the new iPod and Mac mini — it may have been deliberate self-inflicted wounds on the part of an iMac with a weak ego.

One comment

  1. I started reading your blog when you joined the team, now my boss makes me do it.


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