January 11, 2005

I got the music in me. I got the music in ME!

By now the whole world has seen the new iPod Shuffle. Good, bad, or indifferent (I think “good”) it certainly continues to accelerate Apple’s lead in the digital music arena. Combine that with the 4.5 million iPods sold over the holidays (yes, that is 4.5 MILLION) and you have a company that understands the value of an integrated and seamless experience for the typical user. Control the hardware platform and control the software platform and everything works together like a charm. Compare this to the experiences Harry is having with his digital music solutions.

Now, both the Apple approach to digital music and the Microsoft approach have merits. They originate from different core philosophies around how to build a market, how to include partners, where innovation on the software and hardware fronts lives, and how the consumer thinks. What always gets me, however, is that for all my own personal technical prowess I ultimately much prefer the Apple solution.

Why? When it comes to music (and TV, the same reason I use TiVo) I want complete and utter simplicity. I have no additional bandwidth to give to figuring things out. All my mental power when on the computer lately is spent on digital imagery. That is where I am trying to be creative and use all the power available. That is where I am willing to invest time and effort in technical complexity. Not in music.

Most consumers are like this — give me complexity where I want it, simplicity where I don’t. Apple gets this. Not everyone else does.

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  1. Well said.

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