January 7, 2005

To blog, how to blog, what to blog, why to blog, blog, blog

So, mere minutes ago I was having a discussion with two of my co-workers, the blognificent Harry Pierson and the nonblogging Tanya. Tanya is all fired up to start her blog (due in no small part to the relentless pressure from Harry and me), but she is torn as to which blogging service to use. So, herein I present the solution for Tanya.

Use whatever you like!

I admit to being a technology junkie, and will also admit to having established accounts on every major blog service (yes, Tanya, LiveJournal included). The decision criteria for me was simple: how easy was it to use, especially given the limited amount of time I have to dedicate to blog maintenance. I tried them all, played around with the basic things I needed to do, and made a decision to use Blogger.

The second criteria for me was the look of the final product. Again, I wanted it to be easy to do, but also wanted something that I felt was clean and simple and indicative of my own personal design aesthetic. Blogger solved that problem for me. The default templates were nice and I can make all the changes to them I want (when I have time).

Blogging should not be a chore. It should be something you enjoy doing and not take any more of your time than necessary.

Now, part of our discussion was also around using the technology provided by our employer (Microsoft) versus by some other company. For my part, when I started using Blogger it was an independent company. It was subsequently acquired by Google in a smart business extension. The blogging solution from Microsoft (MSN Spaces) did not even exist when I began my blog. Do I feel disloyal to Microsoft because I am using software from Google? Not at all. Interoperability and mixed environments is the way the world works. If it is good enough for my customers, it is good enough for me.

So, look for a link to Tanya’s blog soon. I hope.

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