November 3, 2004

Yahoo! News – REVIEW: Device Lets You Record Radio Shows

Gadget Boy (that’s me, at least according to my wife) says this sounds cool. If only there was more on broadcast radio worth recording.

Coming out of the festive Halloween season (my daughter in a ballerina costume is the highlight of the fall for me!) we seque right into the Thanksgiving season. This year we are headed to Vancouver (B.C.) for the holiday — mostly because it is a bit easier to be somewhere that doesn’t celebrate the holiday.

I have a particular frustration with the SmartPhone technology right now. All in all it is pretty amazing stuff (kudos to the Microsoft team!), but when I switch to a new device (which I do too often, according to some that don’t understand the concept of “Gadget Boy”) it is really difficult to get all the settings exactly the same as the old phone. As a result, the phone sucks up way too much time to get it working just right. This is particularly a problem when it comes to the email setup.

Now, the ideal solution would be to just have one phone “talk” to the other and send over all the settings. However, many phones won’t operate at all when you take out the SIM, so with just one SIM and two phones you are often stuck. Likewise, not all phones have Bluetooth and none of them have standard connectors.

This is not a hard problem, and as the turnover of phones increases, along with the value of the data found on the device, a simple and clever solution is really needed.

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