October 18, 2004


I have been using the beta verson of this Wiki application tool for a couple of weeks now.

First, the tool is absolutely awesome. Makes using Wiki very easy and provides some nice templates and applications. I am impressed.

But, whereas the tool is a shining star, the customer focus and attention is a super nova! (pardon the hyperbole).

The founders of JotSpot are the same guys that created Excite (you remember Excite, don’t you?) and they know exactly how to connect with customers and ensure that the experience is above and beyond.

After signing up for my beta account, I got an email from the CEO. I assumed it was an auto-email and thought that was nice. I replied and told them I appreciated the auto-response. Turns out it was not an auto-response but an actual email from the CEO.

He has since asked me for additional input on another topic important to the success of this service.

I am almost stunned at how we often forget how something as simple as connecting with and listening to customers can elevate simple technology to a real memorable experience. I think we have all become too jaded by auto-responses and canned customer service friendliness.

I wish the team at JotSpot all the good fortune in the world. They have exactly the attitude needed to make a successful company. Add to the fact that Wiki is one of the hottest online technologies for the next year, and this is a surefire success.

Check out JotSpot.

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