October 10, 2004

Sunday morning training, sugar-laden scones and coffee cake

One of the real joys of corporate life is the occasional Sunday training session that we all must endure. When your company has a widely scattered field force, it is inevitable that you will need to bring them together for the deep training and bonding experience a couple of times a year. Since you want to maximize the time involved, especially when you have paid to fly these people from around the globe, you end up with lots of weekend and evening events.

Now, I understand and embrace the value of this, but I honestly believe there is not a person in this room that would rather be in bed, at home, or at least on the front porch with a hot cup of coffee. We are all reluctant warriors in the battle for corporate supremacy. Much as Ghengis Khan’s Mongol hordes needed to pillage and sack on weekends and holidays (in fact, those were probably the best times to pillage and sack, since the enemy was likely sitting around with their coffee and Sunday paper) we must also suck it up and strap-on the armor of corporate hegemony.

So, we are here. The 100 or so people in this room probably have an average IQ of 140 (the number would be considerably higher if I stepped out of the room)and they are already deeply engaged. This is how companies in the 21st century must function. No more of the wishy-washy “Brand You” stuff of last century. Success for the new millennium is hard work, team engagement, and ultimately a battle to find the newest hill, the fresh meat.

It is 9:30, the sugar rush from the scone and coffee cake is starting to hit, and I should post this before I ramble much more.


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