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September 8, 2004

Gizmodo : Microsoft MSNtv Preview

TiVo is great, but they need a little a competition. I think MS can really bring a new perspective to this emerging category of seamless blending of media down to a single device. The question we all always ask is: TV or PC?

I want to think deeply about how the very architecture underneath our feet is morphing day to day. Content in many forms is flowing from place to place and the most rudimentary traffic control and “toll” infrastructure is in place. An area for much investigation.

And what about this?
Now that we are moving to buying more music online, will we revert back to calling them “albums” instead of discs?



September 8, 2004

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OK, if we want everyone to have high-speed access (and as a software company employee as well as user I know that I do) then using it as a pawn in price wars and competitive strategy really hurts the consumer.

We need to think seriously as an industry how much value we would accure longterm if we actually made high-speed available to everyone. Then we could focus our energy and investment on great applications and great content.

Does anyone know what the global high-speed access penetration is?