September 16, 2004

Come October 1st, I am starting a new position at my company. I am pretty excited about it, and since the whole team blogs (most are super scary smart software architects), I guess I have to speak for the marketing side of the house on a regular basis.

My job in this new role, as it has been in a more limited sense for the past year or so, is marketing to “architects”. By this, I mean the people that design software and IT systems, not the folks that design buildings. Funny thing, though, is that in searching for a contract employee to fill my old role, I received a resume from someone that did marketing to “architects” — but the kind that design buildings, not software! I told the recruiter that the person was not exactly what we had in mind.

This raises the issue of how relatively unknown and invisible the role of architect (assume I mean the software guys in this blog unless I explicitly state otherwise) really is to the general public (and to many people in the software business). I am often asked to explain what I do and about 30 seconds into it I see the blank stares and see people mumbling. This is not the way to entertain folks at cocktail parties.

I am not going to explain what architects do here (a post for another time), but I am going to comment on the fact that marketing to these people is not an easy task. Why? That is tomorrow’s topic.

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