June 3, 2004

McDonald’s(R) Brings Music to Millions of Customers With New Sony Connect Restaurant Promotion

From the death of Burger King to the resurrection of McDonald’s. This makes strong marketing sense, especially following on the heels of the Pepsi/Apple promo earlier this year (McD has long been a Coke customer/partner). It must also be a loss for Apple to see this go with Sony. However, amongst all that the text that jumped out at me was this:

“…Music continues to be at the forefront of our leadership marketing strategy. As the first to take a program like this across borders to six countries, we are achieving our goal of creating ideas that are ‘first, big, best’ in music, fashion, entertainment and sports, areas of high interest to our customers.” (emphasis added)

Does it seem like a stretch to say that McD customers are highly interested in music, fashion, etc.? On the one hand, pretty much everyone on the planet is a McD customer. On the other, Justin Timberlake might be a spokesperson, but I doubt his dinner after a big concert is a Big Mac.

Marketing makes even true statements doubtful sometimes.

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