May 21, 2004

Eight Reasons Marketing Makes Sense

Reason 1:
Marketing creates real value for your business

Marketing is about growing your business, through more sales, better sales, better products, new markets, and many other activities that impact both the top line and the bottom line. If your marketing activities can?t be mapped back to how them create real value for your business, then perhaps you need to rethink your marketing.

Reason 2:
Marketing is more than just a pretty face

Many people think of marketing as logos and advertising and presentations and branding and pretty collateral sitting on a shelf. Although these all play a crucial role in the overall mix of marketing activities, there is a lot more. Marketing is also about effective communication, pricing, positioning, competitive analysis, customer segmentation, and many other things. Don?t get too dazzled by marketing magic.

Reason 3:
Marketing is strategic

Marketers are very good at connecting the dots and helping a company see the strategic picture. This comes from touching many different parts of the business, being good listeners, and being able to tell a story that weaves together many often disconnected parts. Use marketing as a strategic asset.

Reason 4:
Marketing is tactical

Marketers are also very good at executing on plans and delivering results. Many components of marketing end up in material you can see and hear and touch (and sometimes taste and smell as well). Marketing people pride themselves on being able to deliver quickly and cost-effectively.

Reasons 5:
Marketing forces companies to innovate; innovation is good

Marketing and creativity often go together like peanut-butter and jelly, and the creative spark that drives marketing can often help drive the company as a whole. Marketers often look at the world from a slightly different perspective than everyone else, and in looking that way they may see new opportunities for growth and innovation in the company and in the marketplace as a whole. Add a dash of marketing to your future thinking and see what happens.

Reason 6:
Good marketing listens to customers

Most marketers come equipped with two ears and one mouth, and most have learned to use them in at least that 2 to 1 ratio. Listening to customers is the job of everyone in an enterprise, but marketing people go out of their way to listen carefully, record, and analyze what customers say. Then, all that good knowledge from customers flows back into the company.

Reason 7:
Customers listen to good marketing

Customers often interact with your company only two ways: through your products and your marketing. Just as you would spend the appropriate amount of time and resources to build and deliver the best product, you should do the same for marketing. Customers remember exceptional experiences, regardless of whether they were exceptionally good or exceptionally bad. Choose exceptionally good whenever possible.

Reason 8:
Marketing can be cheap, but never easy

The concept of inexpensive marketing is not an oxymoron, but that seems to escape the notice of many companies. Often, and unfortunately, marketing is seen as a big expense with little return. In reality, however, marketing can be a remarkably cost-effective way to grow a business. Good marketers know how to get the most value from your money, and they have experience doing it in all types of situations.

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