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October 27, 2003

Yahoo! News – Ladies’ Men: Great for Sex, But Not for Marriage

Turn this around and use it to portray the image to men of what will get them the most women.



October 2, 2003

Yahoo! News – Schwarzenegger Apologizes to Women

Does apologizing make it all go away? Have we gotten to the point where Hitler could show up and say “Sorry about all those Jews. Promise not to do it next time I am in power.”?

Frankly, I like Arnold as an actor. He is simple and one-dimensional and just what I would expect in a lunking movie hero. I do not, however, think that he is the right person to be Gov. of our most populous state (or any state, for that matter).

From a marketing perspective I am amazed at the belief that his campaign has that just saying “I’m sorry” suffices. This is not an accidental issue like the Tylenol scare, where an apology was appropriate. This is a deliberate series of actions that should make it clear how Arnold views women and himself. Sorry, Arnold, I do not accept your apology.