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September 30, 2003


I applaud these gentlemen for getting all they can while they can. I also wonder exactly how far this “mainstreaming” of gay culture is going to go. Does America want these guys selling them Corn Flakes? Chevrolets? I suspect this phenomenon is not a long-term one.



September 30, 2003

Emeril’s Tasty Toothpaste – The celebrity chef hawks cinnamon-flavored Crest. By Rob Walker

The strange connection between the chef and the toothpaste. The even stranger connection, by extension, to us – the audience and the consumers of his food. This is marketing that cuts across having to deal with the actual benefits of the product and instead allows us to focus on the experience of relationship and belongingness. He should cross promote this on this cooking show.



September 26, 2003

Welcome to Atlas Brand.

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